Gennem orkestrerede møder mellem forskelligartede materialer, opstår energiudvekslinger og gensidige påvirkninger. Spændingen mellem modsatrettede kræfter såsom tyngde / lethed, stramhed / slaphed, volumen / fladhed, udforskes ud fra tanker om følelsesmæssige og kropslige relationer.

Med processen i fokus, bearbejdes udvalgt materiale, og tilegnes gennem fysiske aktiviteter som blegning, farvning, klipning, udspilning, foldning, binding, syning og vaskning. Værket fungerer derfor som en form for dokumentation af disse kropslige handlinger. Værker udstilles ofte udendørs eller i det offentlige rum, da de herved udsættes for yderligere påvirkninger og dermed fortsat er i proces.

Through orchestrated meetings between diverse materials, interactions and mutual exchanges of energy occur. The tension between opposing forces such as weight / lightness, density / looseness, volume / flatness is explored on the basis of thoughts on emotional and bodily relationships.

With the process in focus, selected materials are appropriated through physical activities such as bleaching, dyeing, cutting, stretching, filling, folding, tying, sewing and washing. The work therefore function as a form of documentation of these bodily actions. Works are often exhibited outdoors or in public spaces, as this subjects them to additional stresses and continuous processes.

Sarah Kent, Time Out, 2007

'Attached to a metal stand, a piece of wood sports a nifty fringe of black plastic. Jammed into one end with bits of yellow, orange and red felt is a bright orange length of corrugated plastic piping; it gesticulates above two plastic buckets and a washing-up bowl stacked on a low trolley. The materials may be value-less, but attention to detail, such as the tinsel decorating the rim of the bowl, transforms Thrane's ensemble from an idle accumulation of junk into an assemblage made with careful intent. [...] The appeal of these sculptures arises, I think, from the way they embrace imperfection - our own and the world's [.]'